What’s U:NIUM?

U:NIUM utilizes blockchain technology to give digital assets a separate and unique recognition value, unlike existing virtual assets, and utilizes NFT, which is characterized by non-interchangeability based on influencers and artists. We want to provide an ecosystem where influencers and their fans can exchange and communicate by providing an NFT platform that can trade with various content. By clarifying copyright and ownership, the value of rarity and uniqueness is given, and these digital contents can be paid with “ETH” or “ERC-20” tokens provided by U:NIUM connected to Metamask. We plan to maximize the profit earned by users and influencers through low platform and brokerage fees. Unlike other NFT platforms, U:NIUM provides the right to issue NFTs only to creators who have applied and verified. You can see a variety of content divided into ratings (Limited, Premium, and Common), and you can receive various services provided by creators to buyers for each rating.

Official website : https://unium.finance/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Unium_official

Instargram : https://www.instagram.com/unium.official/

Medium : https://medium.com/@unium.nft

Telegram : https://t.me/unium_global

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/eTbuft8j5Y

BETA VERSION V1 : https://ethereum.unium.finance/

Email : official@unium.finance

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